Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security in continuum in Europe.

A research project funded by the European Union.
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WP1: Ethical premises and consequences of security technologies PDF Print E-mail

The primary objective of the work package is to clarify the ethically based social and cultural underpinnings of contemporary security technologies in general and their use in the internal and external policing in the European Union, in particular. This objective comprises the following sub-objectives:

  • A catalogue and analysis of the current technologies of security across the European security continuum, which are of relevance to ethical analysis
  • An analysis of the human/ethical consequences of pro-activity, that is, to analyze the ability of technology to act ‘in the future’
  • A documentation and analysis of the value-premises differentiating techniques of war and techniques of social policing. A documentation and analysis the evolution in these techniques parallel with the evolution of the internal/external security continuum.
  • To chart and analysis of the ethical issues relative to technological social control and surveillance across national borders.
  • An assessment of the implications of the mutations and lifting of the internal borders in an enlarged EU, and the effects of the expansionist applicability of the first and second generations of the Schengen Information System;
  • An analysis of the ethical consequences of the relationship between the internal/external security continuum and the mutation of European borders into electronic or technology-based frontiers;
  • An assessment and analysis of gender-based values implied in the evolution of security technologies.